We all know that ordering khachapuri -- Compass Rose's Georgian cheese bread that we've breathlessly covered over the last year as D.C.'s decadent "butter pizza" -- is its own reward. But if you order the 10,000th khachapuri-- an event that owner Rose Previte predicts will occur Friday -- you'll get an extra surprise.

Georgian Khachapuri at Compass Rose. (Photo by Greg Powers For The Washington Post)


The extra surprise is not heart disease.

No, it's confetti! And a bottle of Georgian wine, and a $100 gift card to Compass Rose, and a reservation -- a big deal, since the restaurant has always been first-come, first-serve.

The dish has always been a big seller at Compass Rose. It probably didn't hurt that we at The Post went a bit khachapuri-crazy this past year, writing about the dish seven times. There was an initial This Thing You Should Try, which described it as "a thing so wonderful it seems as if it only could have come from the mind of Liz Lemon." Then it got the Magazine treatment, with a Plate Lab column and video. We sampled the dish when another restaurant, Mari Vanna, got in on the khachapuri-slinging game. Whitney Pipkin declared Georgian food to be the next big thing. It made our 2014 year in review issue, and then our list of Washington's 40 best dishes.  "Excessive," you may be thinking to yourself. We regret nothing.

If the 10,000th khachapuri is ordered on Friday, Previte will have an additional reason to celebrate: That's the restaurant's one-year anniversary.

Compass Rose, 1346 T St. NW. Metro: U Street.

Correction: A previous version of this blog post stated that the 10,000th person to order khachapuri would win a prize. It is actually for the 10,000th order of khachapuri.