If it had opened a mere two weeks earlier, Maketto and its Taiwanese fried chicken would have made it into our roundup of the best fried birds from culinary traditions around the world. So consider this an addendum: Now that Taiwanese fried chicken has made its D.C. debut, it would fit between our entries on Bonchon and Izakaya Seki.

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Taiwanese fried chicken with bread at Maketto (Maura Judkis/for The Post)

It's similar in texture to Japanese karaage, but instead of deep-frying crispy little nuggets of dark meat, Bruner-Yang gives diners two enormous, juicy boneless breasts coated in a peppery crust. Topped with cilantro and peppers, and doused in a syrupy sauce that soaks through the slices of bread beneath, the result is akin to chicken and waffles -- spicy, sweet, and salty all at once, with a touch of sour from some pickled cabbage mixed in. One of Maketto's large format dishes, the portion is generous enough to feed three.

Though it's new to D.C., this style of fried chicken has been a longstanding favorite in Taiwan. Fun fact: According to the Taipei Times, its citizens consumed as many as 250,000 fried chicken cutlets daily -- which, if stacked, would be "Ten times the height of Taipei 101, the world’s second-tallest building," according to the 2011 report.

Maketto, 1351 H St. NE. 202-838-9972. www.maketto1351.com