Maggie Rose is playing close to home, hitting the 9:30 Club stage on Thursday. (Photo by Justin Clough)

Will tomato-talk dominate the country music discussion for the entire summer? Fans of Maggie Rose should be so lucky.

Before we explain, let’s rewind six weeks. That’s when the now-notorious radio consultant Keith Hill made headlines for urging American radio programmers to play fewer songs by women. Hill described the alarming gender imbalance on today’s country airwaves by comparing female country stars to the tomatoes in a salad. Rightfully enraged, Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride and Jennifer Nettles each spoke out against Hill’s vegetative thinking.

[One industry expert offers his plan to help country radio: Fewer songs by women]

But so far, no artist in Nashville has put her music where her mouth is quite like Maggie Rose. The Maryland-born singer swiftly launched a project dubbed “Tomato Tuesdays” and has since released a new song on her Soundcloud page each week. Some of these tunes are heavy-hearted (“History,” “Love Me More”), while others are light (the hook to “Emotional Vampire” ends with the punch line: “You suck!”).

And one is flat-out fantastic: “I Want Him Bad,” a song Rose co-wrote last summer about a bad-boy crush that defies logic. It sounds like a hit.

But don’t hold your breath waiting to hear it on the radio. Logic doesn’t apply there, either.

Maggie Rose with the Morrison Brothers Band on Thursday at the 9:30 Club. Doors open at 7 p.m. 202-265-0930. $25.


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