Now THIS is a veggie burger.

The tomato burger at Beefsteak. (Maura Judkis/The Washington Post)

No pallid combination of mushrooms/beans/quinoa/beets/whatever here. At Beefsteak, Jose Andres's "burger" is making good on the restaurant's name: It's a thick and juicy slice of beefsteak tomato -- real tomatoes, how we've missed you all year! -- served on olive oil brioche slathered with a caper herb mayo. Sprouts add an earthy crunch; pickled onions give it some tang. Optional avocado makes it creamy and filling. Basically, think of the greatest BLTA, but with only the T and, well, um, A.

This sandwich is truly excellent, but it would be a lie to say that it couldn't be even more magical with the addition of bacon. Nevertheless, this is summer in sandwich form, and your enjoyment of the former is dependent on consumption of the latter. And just like this season, its days are growing shorter: The $4.99 sandwich (with optional $1.99 avocado) is a limited-time offering.

Beefsteak, 800 22nd St NW. Metro: Foggy Bottom.