We all know that Taylor Swift inspired a local corn maze. Now she's the inspiration for a drink on one of the city's better cocktail menus.

He's So Bad But He Does It So Well is one of the latest additions to the drink menu at Hank's on the Hill, created by bar manager Michael Saccone as a tribute to the pop star. (He's not kidding: He's an unabashed fan of her music.) This is a long vodka drink with smooth flavors of aromatic vanilla and hibiscus up front, and a punchy touch of cinnamon-coated pineapple at the end. The purple-hibiscus color shows up well on Instagram, too.

Saccone says he decided to honor TSwift because this drink is "cool" and "feminine" -- and it's priced at $13, which every fan knows is Swift's lucky number.

If you need a refresher about where the cocktail's name came from, watch the video below.