Luke Brindley will perform at Jammin Java, the Vienna nightclub he owns with his brother. (Photo by Cory Hammons)

On Luke Brindley’s latest album, “Crack of Light,” the finale is grand. The last track, “Song on the Wind,” is a surging folk-rock ballad about how music emanates from every human interaction, imbuing our lives with magic and meaning. The song’s narrator hears this mysterious every-song everywhere — in war, in love, in addiction, in death. “I hear it in the delivery room,” Brindley sings over the instruments, once the instruments finally begin to fade. “In the supermarket, in line at the DMV . . . I can hear it right now.”

On Friday night, expect to hear it flickering in the air at Jammin Java, a beloved nightclub in a Northern Virginia strip-mall that Brindley has been operating with his brother since 2001. Brindley headlines Jammin Java roughly four times a year, but says that he tries to make all of his shows there feel special. And after a few years spent penning songs down in Nashville, each gig on home turf certainly feels special to him: “I’m always reminded of the scene we’ve cultivated here. All the fans and friends I’ve made — I don’t take that for granted.”

And just as being a seasoned touring musician has made Brindley a smarter club owner, he says being a longtime club owner has made him a better performer, too. Jammin Java might be his brick-and-mortar comfort zone, but it’s no place for him to coast. “Seeing so many acts come through, you see what’s working on that stage,” Brindley says. “It helps keep my eyes open. . . . I’m always trying to improve.” The music might be everywhere, but he’s always trying to make his better.

Show: With Jay Nash on Friday at Jammin Java, 227 Maple Ave. E, Vienna. Show starts at 7:30 p.m. 703-255-1566. $16.