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The Daikaya team’s second restaurant gets a new name and ramen lineup

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We can tell you this much about the new ramen restaurant from the team behind Daikaya: It won't be a carbon copy of the Chinatown original.

The pending eatery in Shaw will not only get a different name, Haikan, but also a totally original lineup of the in-vogue Japanese noodle soup.

Haikan is expected to open in the spring in the Atlantic Plumbing building, which will be home to fellow new restaurants Hazel, Tasty Burger and Declaration Pizza. It will be a busy spring for Daikaya partners Yama Jewayni, Daisuke Utagawa and chef Katsuya Fukushima, who also plan to open chicken ramen shop Bantam King in Chinatown shortly after Haikan's debut.

Like Daikaya, the ramen at Haikan will be Sapporo-style, named after the city in Japan which inspired Fukushima's clear soup base. It's also the source of the noodles used in his rendition. At Haikan, expect new versions of shoyu (made with soy sauce) and miso (made with the fermented bean paste) ramen from the chef.

Also similar to Daikaya, Haikan will feature a selection of small plates that may include such dishes as "beef and broccoli" with fried broccoli and teriyaki beef jerky, pork dumplings and a Japanese cucumber and pickle salad.

To drink, expect sake and Japanese beer and whisky, as well as cocktails.

The more than 2,000-square-foot restaurant will seat 55 diners indoors, with room for 30 more outside. The space is being designed by the ever-in-demand Brian Miller of Edit Lab at Streetsense.

Haikan, 805 V St. NW. Opening spring 2016.

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