The next time you visit the Pug, H Street's diviest neighborhood bar, you won't have to stop at an ATM on the way.

The Pug stopped accepting credit cards in 2014 when chip compliance began, says owner Tony Tomelden: "When chip compliance came in, the new machines could not be adjusted for tips." Rather than stiff staff on tips, the bar began requiring customers to pay in hard currency. What began as a temporary solution eventually became permanent.

But now the Pug's machines have received an upgrade, Tomelden says, and bartenders will once again accept Visa and MasterCard, but still won't take American Express, and still won't make you an Old Fashioned. Tomelden says he "might add a credit convenience charge – a dime or a quarter."

This change comes just a few days before the Pug is scheduled to host a fundraiser for Cedar Rapids City Council member Monica Vernon, a potential challenger of Iowa Congressman Rod Blum. Blum, you may recall, wished a recession on the District after seeing the cranes working on the Wharf project on the Southwest Waterfront. Admission is $20 and includes all-you-can-drink beer.

The Pug's decision lowers the dwindling number of cash-only bars in the city. The Black Cat is the most prominent, but others include the Red Derby, Showtime, Ivy & Coney, and Little Miss Whiskey's.

The Pug, 1234 H St. NE.