The beignets and ham at Momofuku CCDC. (Emily Codik/The Washington Post)

What: Beignets and ham

Where: Momofuku CCDC, 1090 I St. NW. 202-602-1832.

Price: $16 (available at dinner and weekend lunch)

The team at Momofuku has a thing for Allan Benton's ham. The pork with a cult following (the company's bacon is also a nationwide chefs' favorite) had been part of a biscuit plate at David Chang's CityCenterDC location. Then there was an opportunity to freshen up the ham plate, and since biscuits were already on the menu, "Why not do something a little different?" said executive chef Patrick Curran.

Curran said that even before Momofuku opened in Washington last year, Chang was kicking around the idea of a doughnut, ham and glaze dish. So the staff came together to bring it to life. The beignets and ham debuted on the menu a few weeks ago.

Puffy pork-fat beignets are interspersed with thinly sliced Benton's ham, plated with a coffee glaze (instant coffee, sweetened condensed milk and some other ingredients Curran coyly declined to share) and dusted with powdered pork fat. It's sweet, salty and a bit smoky -- the kind of dish you could happily eat any time of day, the chef said. And since the order includes 10 to 12 beignets, the dish is perfect for sharing. If you're willing to, that is.

"Fried dough and country ham is pretty hard to beat," Curran said.

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly said the dish is dusted with confectioners' sugar. It is dusted with powdered pork fat. This version has been updated.

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