The District's action movie buffs will soon have one more option for interactive thrills.

Escape Room Live has announced that its third location will open in Georgetown on M Street Northwest, likely by the end of the summer. As with other escape room games, which have recently cropped up all over the world, players will work in teams to solve puzzles and brainteasers in order to "escape" the room in which they're trapped -- before time runs out.

The Georgetown space will be different than the company's existing locations in Glover Park and Alexandria. Thanks to a partnership with Paramount and Sony Pictures Entertainment, the new location's five rooms will have themes and plots based on hit movies: "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," "Titanic," "Ghostbusters," "The Mummy" and "Friday the 13th." According to Escape Room Live owner Ginger Flesher-Sonnier, a sixth room, based on Edgar Allan Poe's stories, will premiere later this year.

In designing the new space, a former furniture store, Flesher-Sonnier said the company used an innovative approach. "In the past, I’ve taken office spaces and converted them into escape rooms," she said. "In this situation, we’re building the escape rooms from the ground up."

The rooms will implement CGI and sound and lighting effects that weren't a possibility in previous locations. In the "Titanic" room, for instance, a porthole will show water gradually rising before "cracking" at the 45-minute mark. In the "Ghostbusters" room, players will have to "trap" ghosts that appear through CGI.

The first floor will house a bar and lounge, which Flesher-Sonnier hopes will serve as a spot for players to either wait their turn or wind down and debrief after their escape (or failure).

Flesher-Sonnier said she's been looking to expand into Georgetown for more than a year, but in previous searches, developers had expressed skepticism over the relatively new attraction type. The M Street building is ultimately the perfect location, she said, because it has so much foot traffic. "It’s what I dreamed of having -- a place that’s right on a shopping street," she said.

Escape Room Live will open at 3345 M St. NW. 800-616-4880. Tickets at the Alexandria and Glover Park locations costs $28 per person.

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