Name: Tchoup's Market.
Vitals: 3301 Georgia Ave. NW. 202-853-3901.
Neighborhood: Petworth.
Description: New Orleans po' boy shop and cafe.
Ambiance: Hanging out with friends in the Big Easy, minus the airfare and Mardi Gras beads.
Previously: Alfie's.
Owners: Alex McCoy, Marc Dosik and Hunter Campbell.
Chefs: Ramin Coles, Alex McCoy.
Open: Dinner daily beginning Thursday.

The food

"Home for our family has always been the South," said Alex McCoy, Tchoup's Market's co-owner. Currently, that means New Orleans, where his mother resides. "It's just been part of our family for a long time," he said of the Big Easy, whose Tchoupitoulas Street lends its name to McCoy's latest venture in the Petworth location that most recently hosted his six-month Thai pop-up, Alfie's. (He's currently looking for a new home for Alfie's, most likely downtown, McCoy said.)

Tchoup's (pronounced "chops") will be a spot to get a "proper New Orleans meal," McCoy said. What you won't find: gaudy Mardi Gras themes (or beignets, at least for now). What you will: po' boys, which McCoy defines as anything between two slices of Louisiana French bread -- in this case, loaves from famed Leidenheimer Baking Co. in New Orleans. The sandwich menu will go beyond fried shrimp and oysters, though. Think pastrami, sausages and fried chicken.

As to other fare: "We're not going to stick to the kind of mainstream gumbo and étouffée dishes," McCoy said. He's planning on channeling the international melting pot of New Orleans, which includes Italian, Vietnamese and Chinese influences. One example: yakamein, a Chinese noodle soup. Other daily specials may include fried chicken and shrimp creole.

The drinks

Beverage director Fabian Malone is staying on after manning the bar at Alfie's. McCoy said he's letting Malone loose to "express himself" in the cocktails, which will likely feature "a lot of old school French aperitifs." Also, expect brandy punches and, of course, Sazeracs, the classic New Orleans quaff. Tchoup's will also sell Big Easy staple Dixie beer. (It's been brewed elsewhere since Hurricane Katrina hit the city in 2005.)

The space

If you went to Alfie's, you'll see a different-looking restaurant, which has been repainted and will feature new pictures. Tchoup's, which will take reservations, has seating for 40 inside and 40 more on the newly covered patio.

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