The bronut has arrived.

The name may, depending on your perspective, evoke a bunch of frat boys or a certain croissant-doughnut hybrid that took the country by storm a few years ago. But the bronut is in fact a delightful pastry that stands on its own merits and is much better than its somewhat silly moniker might have you think.

It's the creation of Katy Chang, the chef and founder of EatsPlace, a food incubator and pop-up spot in Petworth. EatsPlace has expanded into a cafe inside the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Old Town Alexandria, which is where you can find the bronut.

As fans of portmanteau words might be able to deduce, the bronut ($3.25) is a combination of a brownie and a doughnut. It’s a little more complex than a round brownie: Chang developed a lighter dough that kept the rich chocolate flavor of a brownie while giving it some of the airiness of a doughnut.

It’s baked in the shape of a doughnut ring, of course, which is good news for people like me who are willing to do battle for the corner brownie.

Every bite of the bronut is like having an edge piece, with a slightly crunchy outside and a tender, cakelike interior.
If the name still makes you giggle, that’s fine. Chang offers a wink-and-nod with the ­“bro-bronut,” which is decorated with little beer cans. (Stay tuned for details about a Valentine’s Day bronut decorating workshop Chang plans to host.)

Want something to accompany the treat? The EatsPlace cafe offers a variety of other sweet and savory fare, including salads, hot and cold sandwiches, soups and cheese boards.

EatsPlace, 105 N. Union St., Alexandria. Open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily (until 9 p.m. on Thursdays).

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