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Dreamcast has one of D.C.’s smoothest voices. Can he hang out on your couch?

Dreamcast is 24, but the soulful singer-producer has old-school influences such as Marvin Gaye. (Photo courtesy of Dreamcast)

If you love music, you already know that YouTube is a bottomless treasure vault. And if you love Marvin Gaye, you’ve probably already uncovered this jewel: footage of Washington’s most soulful son cutting his 1976 album, “I Want You,” horizontal on a sofa, allowing Newton’s law to do its thing while he sweetly harmonizes with the universe.

Dreamcast — a 24-year-old singer born in the District more than half a century after Gaye — not only digs the clip, but he also says it helped him establish his standards of practice: “Whenever I sing, I ask myself, ‘Can I sing this laying on a couch?’ ”

Everything sounds perfectly sideways on “Liquid Deep,” a sumptuous love song he penned after unexpectedly discovering an intriguing instrumental on SoundCloud. The beat stuck in his head, so he started humming a melody to match, then improvised some lyrics and recorded them. When Dreamcast emailed the completed tune back to the track’s creator, a producer in Sweden named Sasac, both parties liked it enough to give it an official release via the District funk label Peoples Potential Unlimited.

The song came together quickly, but “Liquid Deep” works its magic at a more leisurely velocity. And if you pay attention to the cool curves in Dreamcast’s vocal phrasing, it’ll come as no surprise that he was raised on rhythm. He learned to play the congas when he was a kid (his dad was into go-go), and he began producing house tracks on a desktop computer when he was a teen (his mom worked at the legendary dance club Tracks). “A lot of singers don’t appreciate the flow of a song,” he says. “But I’m a percussionist. I know how to ride a beat.”

Not only that, he can do it lying down.

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