The coconut macaroon waffle at Blue Duck Tavern. (Blue Duck Tavern)

Bored by the same old breakfast day after day? Maybe it’s time for a morning meal that channels dessert.

These aren’t necessarily dishes you’d want to eat all the time, but they’re just the splurge for a special occasion — say, Mother’s Day — or a routine meal you want to feel like a special occasion.

Coconut macaroon waffle at Blue Duck Tavern

Anyone else have a weakness for those canned coconut macaroons in the kosher aisle of the grocery store? If you do, or if you're a fan of, say, Mounds bars, this is a waffle you're going to want to try. The base is a buttermilk waffle, which is dipped in dark chocolate and then rolled in shredded coconut. Next comes a garnish of coconut macaroon crumble, caramelized bananas, lime zest and a drizzle of toffee sauce. $19. 1201 24th St. NW.

French toast s'mores at Co Co. Sala. (Alicia Griffin)

French toast s'mores at Co Co. Sala

There's no campfire required for this decadent dish. It's also more impressive-looking than the ol' Hershey bar, Jet-Puffed Marshmallow and Honey Maid graham cracker sandwich most of us are used to. The chocolate-themed restaurant pulls out all the stops on this brunch plate, including a large hollowed-out wedge of cinnamon brioche stuffed with marshmallows and chocolate. A marshmallow, square of chocolate, mousse-topped graham cracker and bananas in caramel round out the picture. $15. 929 F St. NW.

Baba's tiramisu oatmeal. (Becky Krystal/The Washington Post)

Tiramisu oatmeal at Baba

The subterranean bar under Ambar in Clarendon is much more glam than your typically breakfast spot, so perhaps it's fitting that it offers a fancy take on oatmeal. The large bowl of porridge — so large it could probably feed two with a couple of warm beverages — channels the flavors of tiramisu with espresso mascarpone and dark chocolate granola. A large dollop of almond butter along with some maple syrup prunes might make you feel slightly less guilty and push this into more legitimate breakfast territory. $8. 2901 Wilson Blvd., Arlington.

Original Pancake House's carrot cake pancakes. (David Dennison)

Carrot cake pancakes at the Original Pancake House

The jump from cake to pancakes is not a huge one, as this dish proves. What you get is six buttermilk pancakes, with shredded carrot in the cinnamon- and nutmeg-spiced batter. There's also a scattering of pecans and, of course, a side of cream cheese icing. $11.50. 7703 Woodmont Ave., Bethesda; 12224 Rockville Pike, Rockville; 7395 Lee Hwy., Falls Church.

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