The mezze rigatoni at Red Hen feature house-made rigatoni, fennel-spiked sausage, red sauce, Parmesan cheese and fennel pollen. (Lavanya Ramanathan/The Washington Post)


Now that we have your attention, we’d like to share our favorite starchy dishes from The Washington Post's six-year archive of 40 Eats. Far from that stale doughnut or rubbery bagel you found in the office break room, these offerings are so delicious you won’t feel guilty about devouring them.

Mezze rigatoni with fennel sausage at Red Hen

Familiar and unfussy, this pasta is served with slow-roasted tomato sauce, garlic, butter and sausage made with local pork, toasted fennel seed, pepper and fennel pollen. Vegetarian? It’s available without pork, too. $18. 1822 First St. NW. 202-525-3021.

The “G” Man from Mangialardo's is big enough to feed two, if you're willing to share. (Fritz Hahn/The Washington Post)

The “G” Man at Mangialardo’s

On a recent trip to Mangialardo’s, a colleague witnessed a crew of firemen pile out of a firetruck into the Southeast deli. If that's not a seal of approval, we don’t know what is. Our favorite sandwich on the menu is the “G” Man, a foot-long feast packed with slices of ham, salami, pepperoni and mortadella; fontina and provolone cheeses; and vinegar, lettuce, tomato and mustard. $8.50. 1317 Pennsylvania Ave. SE. 202-543-6212.

The Not So Classic Fried Chicken Biscuit at Stomping Ground is made with za'atar spice, honey and a lard-fried chicken breast. (Doug Kapustin for The Washington Post)

Not So Classic Style fried chicken biscuit at Stomping Ground

Each bite of this best-selling fried chicken biscuit packs za’atar, honey, hot sauce, red onion and benne-seed tahini. The star of the sandwich is the 24-hour-marinated, flour-dredged chicken breasts that get fried in lard. $9. 2309 Mount Vernon Ave., Alexandria. 703-567-6616.

The lobster ravioli at Fiola Mare and Fiola is one of chef Fabio Trabocchi's most popular dishes. (Scott Suchman for The Washington Post)

Maine lobster ravioli at Fiola Mare and Fiola

At more than 15 years old, this splurge-worthy dish from Fabio Trabocchi has only gotten better over time. Thin wonton wrappers hold rich pieces of lobster, topped with a delicate lobster stock, ginger, chives and huge hunks of — you guessed it — lobster. $54. Fiola Mare, 3100 K St. NW. Fiola, 678 Indiana Ave. NW. 

Poppy seed gougères from Garrison are filled with cheese and delicious alone or for sopping up sauce. (Scott Suchman/Garrison)

Gougères at Garrison

The baked-to-order gougères at this Barracks Row restaurant are tender, light and airy, with a bit of crunch from the dustings of poppy seeds and flaky salt. Filled with cheese, they're enjoyable on their own or when used to sop up every last bit of sauce from your meal. $8 for 12. 524 Eighth St. SE. 202-506-2445.

The fried whiting sandwich is one of the biggest draws at Horace & Dickie's. (Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)

Fried whiting sandwich at Horace and Dickie's Carryout

“Sandwich” may be a stretch, considering this dish is composed of fried fish fillets and two slices of white bread. Our favorite way to eat it: Stack a few of the fillets, doused in a tangy, peppery hot sauce, between the bread, and save the rest for lunch. The fish is fried whole with bones, so be careful when chomping down. $8.25. 809 12th St. NE. 6912 Fourth St. NW., Takoma Park area. 5601 Allentown Rd., Suitland. 202-397-6040.

The Taiwanese fried chicken and bread at Maketto is both sweet and spicy. (Melina Mara/The Washington Post)

Fried chicken and bread at Maketto

Don’t be fooled by the initial smack of sweetness from the five-spice caramel: This Taiwanese-inspired dish is packed with Sichuan peppercorns that make your mouth feel slightly numb. It’s served atop slices of house-made bread, which are best used to scoop up the sauce. $28. 1351 H St. NE. 202-838-9972.

The Green Monster at Timber Pizza is topped with pesto, feta and such seasonal vegetables as zucchini and kale. (Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post).

The Green Monster at Timber Pizza

A cross between New York- and Neapolitan-style pizza, Timber’s crust is both chewy and crispy. The Green Monster uses pesto in place of marinara sauce and comes topped with feta, mozzarella and such seasonal veggies as zucchini and kale. $15. 809 Upshur St. NW. 202-853-9746.