Our fondest memories, the stories that are truly worth telling, all tend to have one thing in common: They involve food and booze.

Nothing helps sear a memory into our brains quite like a powerful taste or smell. Not only was that blind group date at Sfoglina hilariously uncomfortable, but you can still taste those noodles, still smell that vermouth, still crave that panna cotta. You loved celebrating your son’s 21st birthday, but you’ll never go near the Natty Boh and Jameson special at the Raven ever again.

You’ve told the story a thousand times, because you could never forget it. Now tell us: What’s your most memorable dining or drinking experience in D.C.? Who was with you? What happened? Did the atmosphere speak to you? A dish? The service?

What made the experience so unforgettable? Maybe you became a regular at that restaurant because of it. Or maybe you’ve avoided that bar at all costs ever since.

Tell us your story — however funny, sad, embarrassing, lighthearted — using the form below. A journalist may use the contact information you provide to follow up. We may use your submission in related Washington Post coverage online, in print or on social media. Full terms here.