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The Double Stack, available through winter, has griddled onions, two beef patties, lettuce, American cheese and, of course, a special sauce.

The event will feature a full bar and a variety of smoked meats, including a new Texas cheesesteak topped with house-made queso.

Head out of the city to find some tasty smoked meats.

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Diners at the Falls Church center can now sample flavors from Korea, China and Thailand.

The restaurant plans to reopen in June in Adams Morgan, the neighborhood that once was the city's center of Ethiopian life.

Chef Ghulam Rubani makes a strong statement for his native foods.

With generous helpings of pork and hard-to-find traditional fare, Matthew’s Grill highlights the spectrum of Filipino cuisine.

Want a burger from Shake Shack? Skip the line at the ballpark and bring one in from the new shop on M Street SE instead.

Served with booze and fusion fare, the arcade games are no longer kid’s stuff.

$20 DINER | The chef injects refinement in his Italian fare, for better and for worse.

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