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The incident at Peter Chang in Arlington seemed to stem from a debate on the authentic way to serve rice.

The newest addition to Shirlington is part restaurant, part gallery and part artist workspace.

Her more home-style treats are debuting at the Arlington and Alexandria locations of the Neighborhood Restaurant Group bakery.

The $20 Diner approves of the restaurant's relocation to Arlington and its focus on Bangladeshi cuisine.

Where's that beef from? Want to know more about your cheese? This new Clarendon burger joint lays it on thick.

Breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner: Is there a time and place we couldn't enjoy a biscuit sandwich?

The long-awaited addition to the Westover neighborhood has allowed the Tramonte family to try some different food and drink offerings.

The five-year-old Rosslyn arts center was the victim of unrealistic expectations, critics say.

Dawn Hart's first storefront joins the Westover neighborhood scene.

The master chef will open a full-service restaurant in the former Oriental Gourmet space in Arlington.

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