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This veggie patty doesn't try to impersonate meat. And that's a good thing.

We checked our skepticism at the door when sampling the Philly chain's vegan riff on fast food.

The eatery is the brainchild of Doron Petersan, known as the owner of vegan bakery Sticky Fingers.

The small chain will open its first location outside of Philadelphia on Wednesday.

Several new restaurants are leaving the v-word out of their marketing.

The Philadelphia import puts a plant-based spin on fast food.

No longer are vegetables "just the penalty box for people who don't eat meat."

Denise Hicks's vegetable- and nut-based rolls make a refreshing summer lunch.

Even non-meat-eaters can find a way to enjoy many of the dishes on this year's 40 Eats list.

Make way for an impressive new po'boy alongside the Puerto Rican-inspired mofongo.

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