Eloy Ortiz Oakley, chancellor of the nation's largest higher education system, said he rejects rhetoric that denigrates community colleges.

In an era in which sexual hookups get all the attention, Datamatch, a creation of Harvard students, promotes old-fashioned dates on Valentine's Day.

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Faculty senators at Michigan State University agreed by an overwhelming majority that they do not have confidence in the school's board of trustees after a sexual-abuse scandal and the hasty selection of an interim president.

The Trump administration is seeking to slash nearly $4 billion in annual funding for student aid programs, but the two-year budget deal signed into law last week complicates the proposal.

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The author questions the role of the board of trustees at Michigan State University in the wake of the Nassar sexual-abuse scandal

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President Trump wants to cut all federal funding to a tuition aid initiative that helps D.C. residents attend college, putting the future of the popular D.C. Tuition Assistance Grant in jeopardy.

Harvard University's 29th president will take office in July.

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Often lost in the discussion about Amazon’s search for a second headquarters is the war for talent likely to occur when the company begins hiring 50,000 employees for its new home. Many of those jobs will be filled by newly minted college graduates or highly mobile workers with college degrees willing and able to move […]

The Traditionalist Worker Party announced through its web site that it would begin an effort to "retake our college campuses" at Tennessee's state flagship university.

Terri Goldson, a three-decade veteran of Ansonia Public Schools in Connecticut, was in his second year as principal at Ansonia High.

A professor of political economy angered many with a remark about President Trump. Northeastern University officials said his remarks do not reflect those of the school and its leaders.

After the Super Bowl, a racist message was found on a residence-hall door.

The Century Foundation filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Education for the release of records on controversial higher education accrediting agencies that are up for review this spring.

Tucked into the two-year congressional budget deal are provisions that would greatly benefit two colleges in Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) home state of Kentucky.

A community college in Maryland became the latest site of an active-shooter scare Wednesday when a text alert about a gunman on campus flashed across thousands of cellphones.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) on Wednesday offered the state's historically black colleges and universities up to $100 million to resolve a 12-year-old lawsuit over inequality in public higher education.

In the game, fraternity brothers who slept with the most women got the most points. If there was a tie, whoever slept with the heaviest woman won.

College students would lose $15 billion in federal student aid over the next decade if House Republicans are successful in turning their higher education bill into law.

The president of the student body at a Texas university said that his comments written before he enrolled at the school, while a mistake, were not nearly as offensive as the anti-white opinions expressed by another student.

A visiting professor at Yale is in hot water for a selfie of him and graduate students with two severed heads visible face-up.

New research shows 3.1 million Americans live more than 25 miles from an open-access public college and lack a suitable Internet connection needed for online education.

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Instead of having discussions about whether it’s better to call a community college a vocational school, the president should instead look for ways the federal government can broaden the definition of what we mean by college and encourage all high school students to pursue some kind of education beyond high school if they have any hope of succeeding in this economy.

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Last February, 19-year-old Timothy Piazza died after a fraternity party at Penn State. Here, university and fraternity officials respond to his parents' words, and Penn State's president describes the changes that have taken place on campus

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Parents reflect on the loss of their son Timothy Piazza, and offer advice for other families.

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A new report casts doubts on Zenith Education Group's efforts to turn dozens of campuses formerly owned by for-profit chain Corinthian Colleges into successful nonprofit schools.

The Ivy League university cited allegations of sexual misconduct against the two men.

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Graduate writing programs should offer a wider range of opportunities for students to obtain different kinds of teaching experience than, say, first-year composition classes — such as the chance to teach in nontraditional settings.

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Trustees appointed former Michigan governor as MSU struggles to move forward in wake of the Nassar sexual assault controversy.

Faculty leaders said they will begin the process of voting no confidence in the board and calling on trustees to resign, if former Republican governor John Engler is named as interim president of Michigan State University.

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The median debt of a new graduate of a medical school is $190,000, a burden that can keep doctors from choosing much-needed primary care jobs. The authors suggest an alternative which they argue can help both students and the country as a whole.

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Yunsong Zhao was arrested on Monday. He is no longer a student at Virginia Tech, but was at the time of his arrest.

Financial aid remains a lifeline for the vast majority of undergraduates, as the percentage of those relying on loans and grants to cover college costs continues to rise.

The credit rating agency said small schools will be hurt the most.

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When the bankruptcy estate of a for-profit college does better by students than the Department of Education, something is significantly wrong.

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"I don't shy away from confrontation,” C. Christine Fair said, “but I didn't do this.”

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By 2026, U.S. colleges will start to see a drop in customers as the number of high school graduates declines.

An explosive sex-abuse scandal and the resignation of its longtime president forces reflection at a public university.

Choking back tears, some trustees at Michigan State University apologized Friday to victims of Larry Nassar.

'While we have great respect for the art form as it's been presented by the Pudding for over 170 years, the world is in a very different place'

Lou Anna Simon stands to make $750,000 if she returns as a professor, thanks to an unusual perk in her contract.

Complaint filed in California seeks to restore Obama-era policy on sexual violence under the anti-bias law Title IX.

Lou Anna Simon, the president of Michigan State University, sent a resignation letter Wednesday evening after the sentencing of Larry Nassar.

A thriving stock market bolstered investment returns for university endowments in fiscal 2017, reversing a precipitous decline from the prior year, according to a new study.

The decision allows former students at ITT Technical Institutes to participate in the bankruptcy proceedings of its parent company, giving them a shot at the remaining assets of one of the nation's largest for-profit college operators.

Pressure has been mounting on the president of Michigan State University as testimony continues from victims of sexual abuse in the Larry Nassar sentencing hearing. But a trustee dismissed calls for the president's resignation Tuesday.

Recently, my colleague Anthony P. Carnevale made a compelling case about the need to empower students and families with the information they need to make good decisions about where to go to college and what to study. As he said: When people choose to go to college, they don’t take a test drive. They are […]

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A study from the Children's Advocacy Institute at the University of San Diego School of Law says too many states fail to protect students from bad actors in the for-profit college industry.

In K-12 and college classrooms across the country, some educators are enacting at least partial device bans, some are advocating for teaching-style changes (fewer lectures, for example) and still others are seeking help from the technology itself. There’s little consensus, except that the peril of digital distraction neither starts nor ends in school, and learning to tame our tech obsession is a new and vital life skill.

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Harley Barber's mother on daughter's racist videos: 'This is not a reflection of how she was raised'

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