Accused of stifling a conservative student, the school tried for a conciliatory tone as it backed off the punishment.

Teaching assistants voted to join UNITE HERE, becoming the latest group of graduate students at private universities to unionize since the National Labor Relations Board cleared the way last summer.

President Trump should keep in mind the value of vocational higher education

Rich schools get big tax breaks through their endowments. But their record on social mobility is thin.

  • Mark Schneider, Jorge Klor de Alva
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  • 3 days ago
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Lawmakers curious about a panel that Jerry Falwell Jr. says he will lead.

Starting next fall, Michigan State University will no longer allow students to hang whiteboards outside their dorm-room doors.

A racist video circulating on social media shows a woman wearing a university T-shirt rapping about killing black people.

There is no clear picture of the impact of tax benefits on budgets or higher education, according to Pew Charitable Trusts.

A Democrat in the state senate called Sen. Mark Chelgren's proposed legislation “one of the worst ideas I've heard in 15 years here.”

The Project on Predatory Student Lending at Harvard Law School is suing the Justice Department for withholding documents that could help for-profit college students get their federal education loans canceled.

A college student writes about the continual anxiety of finding money to help pay for his education.

  • Zach Wood
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Trinity Washington University doesn't shy away from debate about the Trump administration, including one of its leaders, an alumna.

Selective schools had a large role over decades in fueling working-class anger over

Former secretary of state John F. Kerry will oversee an interdisciplinary initiative at Yale University, his alma mater.

Virtual reality allows UMD students to take a trip with a menace behind the wheel as they embark on research to reduce distracted driving.

The education secretary applauds "expressions of passion" about schools

Caleb O'Neil, an Orange Coast College freshman, has appealed — and says he'll sue if the suspension isn't overturned.

Two reports argue taxpayers would lose if the old program is resurrected.

Colleges develop new ways to help students with weak records catch up

The brief argues that the order has been damaging to the universities, at which large numbers of students, faculty and scholars are international.

Yale University will no longer have a residential college named in honor of 19th-century alumnus John C. Calhoun, known for his support of slavery. The decision reverses one made last spring, when the university president said he wanted to confront, rather than erase, history. The college will be renamed in honor of an alumna, Grace Murray Hopper, who was a pioneering computer scientist.

To supporters, the visit served as an important symbol of her commitment to equity in education. To detractors, it was a photo op, devoid of substance.

"My love 4 u burns like 6,000 jews,” read the card handed to two students by a member of the College Republicans group at Central Michigan University.

But some are adapting to new market realities.

Two scientists at Yale University School of Medicine warn that recent decisions and appointments by President Trump make research and scientific progress historically vulnerable

  • Katerina Politi, Valerie Reinke
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  • Feb 8
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Betsy DeVos takes office as education secretary with higher education policy in flux.

Investigators want to figure out what happened in the nearly 12 hours between Piazza's fall and the emergency call, and why so much time passed before they were summoned.

The former vice president will lead new academic centers dealing in foreign relations and domestic policy.

A student from Libya will resume classes Tuesday at George Mason University, after being banned from re-entering the United States on a student visa last month.

The schools are studying the effects of providing small grants to low-income students who might drop out or take longer to graduate when money dries up.

After nearly closing down forever two years ago, Sweet Briar College continues to rebuild with new leadership: Meredith Woo will take over as president in May.

Universities ponder their role as a refuge for undocumented students

There are some things students seeking a tight-knit college experience might consider on that upcoming admitted-student visit.

  • Darron Collins
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  • Feb 6
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The letter to Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly expresses concern about President Trump's executive order temporarily halting the entry of refugees into the United States.

Thousands of academics sign on to a petition denouncing President Trump's executive order temporarily halting admission of refugees to the U.S.

President Trump raised the threat of pulling federal funds from the university after violent protests led officials to cancel a talk by the provocateur.

Nearly 50 university presidents sign on to letter asking President Trump to reconsider an executive order on immigration

A viewpoint from the leader of the prominent research university

  • Ronald J. Daniels
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  • Feb 2
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Consumers do need protections as they ponder a major lifetime investment

Cutting off funding to universities isn't as simple as President Trump thinks.

"No amount of money will make her whole,” the student's attorney said. “No apology will come close to being considered sufficient."

A Yale University professor from Iran confronts President Trump's executive order on immigration; even with green cards, he worries that he's no longer sure of the rules and that leaving the country has become a risk.

Wellesley College announced Wednesday that it has chosen one of its most esteemed graduates, Hillary Clinton, to give this year's commencement address in May.

Apollo Education Group, the publicly traded owner of the University of Phoenix, has completed a deal to be taken private by a group of investors.

This U-Mass. student wants campuses to be more inclusive in political debates

  • Michael J. Hout
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  • Feb 1
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Consumer advocates are urging the Federal Communications Commission to uphold rules restricting companies from inundating people with cellphone calls to collect money owed to or guaranteed by the government, including student loans.

The president of Liberty University appears to be in line to lead a deregulation effort

The coalition urged the secretary of homeland security to ensure that the United States remains an ambition for the brightest students and scholars from around the world.

Many disadvantaged college students say they face hunger and other financial issues.

University endowments posted the lowest investment returns since the 2008 financial crisis, yet schools upped their spending in fiscal 2016, report says.

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