New York University. (Stan Honda/AFP/GettyImages)

A New York University student set fire to the bed in his dorm room — where a 19-year-old woman was fast asleep and intoxicated, according to the New York Daily News. The attacker allegedly filmed this all on Snapchat, singing as the flames spread, the newspaper reported.

And university officials waited months before reporting it to police.

John Beckman, a spokesman for NYU, said that the university took the case very seriously from the outset. Once notified a few days after the incident in August, “we rapidly pursued a disciplinary case that promptly led to the expulsion of the defendant.”

Beckman said the university typically gives considerable deference to a victim’s wishes when deciding whether to involve law enforcement. When the student, who suffered burns, asked to talk with police, university officials accompanied her.

The Daily News reported that two months passed before the incident was reported to police. Jaime Castano, the former student accused of setting the fire, was arraigned Tuesday and ordered held on $50,000 bail.

Beckman said, “In retrospect, at least when the facts became clear, this case clearly should have been reported to the police, notwithstanding the reluctance of the victim.  We are conducting a full investigation as to how a different decision was made in this case and clarifying our decision-making process so that cases like this are reported to the police immediately in the future.”

NYU is one of the most popular universities in the country: Earlier this week, officials announced that they believe the school received more early-decision applicants than any other college.