A student has admitted hanging a noose from a tree on campus, Duke University officials said Thursday afternoon.

The student, an undergraduate whom officials declined to identify because of federal privacy laws,  is no longer on campus.

“The student will be subject to Duke’s student conduct process,” school officials announced in a statement. “The university continues to review the circumstances of the incident to determine if additional individuals were involved.

“Duke continues to coordinate with state and federal officials about potential criminal violations.”

The noose, found early Wednesday morning hanging outside the busy student union building, horrified a campus that was already talking about an alleged racist taunt alluding to lynching last month — and in the midst of a heated national conversation about race after events in Ferguson, Mo., and the University of Oklahoma.

More than a thousand  people gathered in front of Duke Chapel on Wednesday, calling out questions and concerns and listening as leaders such as university president Richard Brodhead talked about the history of lynching and the university’s disgust at the incident.