Doesn’t this sound just a little bit lonely? The Harvard Crimson surveyed seniors shortly before graduation, as they do every year, and 24 percent of the students who responded said they never had sex while at Harvard. It takes several years for most people to graduate from college, but, right. They didn’t. Ever.

More than a fifth said they were never in a romantic relationship while at Harvard. The average number of romantic relationships: One.

Aw. Let’s hope those who didn’t respond to the survey – about half the class – were too busy kissing someone to get to it that week. Or at least that they were wildly distracted by a crush.

As the seniors graduate Thursday, the survey offers an imprecise yet fascinating snapshot of life for students at the country’s most iconic college.

A few other tidbits: Almost three-quarters of black students who responded said they felt marginalized on campus, and more than two-thirds of those whose families make less than $80,000 a year did.

Only 9 percent of students described themselves as politically conservative, or very conservative.

Sixty percent said they have never used marijuana. (But 13 percent said they needed medical attention at least once after drinking while they were in Cambridge.)

The Crimson also pointed out that — consistent with the words of a dean in 2013 who shocked many when he revealed the median grade for students there — more than half of respondents said their grade-point average was an A- or above.

(The average GPA reported was 3.64, just below the cutoff for an A-.)

Students were dismissive of the concept of grade inflation: Almost three-quarters said they don’t think it’s much of a problem at Harvard — or that it’s not a problem at all.

And 95 percent of them said they’d do it all over again. (Harvard that is.) They loved it.