The lawsuit against Rolling Stone filed by University of Virginia associate dean Nicole Eramo proceeded this week with the deposition of the central figure of the magazine’s discredited account of a fraternity gang-rape.

The former U-Va. student known as “Jackie” in the 2014 Rolling Stone article sat for a lengthy deposition Thursday at an undisclosed location. A judge has barred lawyers and those involved with the case from discussing details of what Jackie said under-oath about her account of being assaulted.

Eramo filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Rolling Stone for what she described in legal filings as the magazine’s portrayal of her as callous and indifferent to Jackie’s claims. Rolling Stone retracted the article in 2015 after the Columbia Journalism School confirmed that the account was deeply flawed.

In court documents, Eramo’s lawyers described Jackie as a serial fabulist who made up her gang-rape allegations in a bizarre and unsuccessful scheme to win the pity and romantic interest of a classmate.

In a statement to The Washington Post, Eramo’s lawyers declined to comment on the details of the deposition.

“Although I’m not allowed to speak about the substance of what Jackie said during the deposition, I can say that we feel that Nicole’s case is very strong,” said Libby Locke, a lawyer for Eramo. “It got stronger after yesterday’s deposition. And we expect that it will continue to get stronger as we pursue discovery against Rolling Stone.”

Lawyers for Jackie did not return a request for comment.