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‘America is a white nation’: More racist fliers spotted at University of Maryland

White supremacist fliers were found Monday at the University of Maryland campus in College Park for the third time in three months, following similar incidents recently at universities across the country.

Two fliers were discovered outside the university’s chemistry department.

“It is your civic duty to report any and all illegal aliens,” one flier said. “They are criminals. America is a white nation.”

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The other read: “Carry the torch of your people.” Fliers also were found at three other locations, according to the Diamondback student newspaper.

The fliers include a link to the website of Vanguard America, a group associated with the white supremacy movement. Leaders of the group weren’t immediately available for comment. The group was also linked to flier-posting incidents at the university in December.

In a “manifesto” on its website, the group writes: “Our America is to be a nation exclusively for the White American peoples who out of the barren hills, empty plains, and vast mountains forged the most powerful nation to ever have existed; it is logical that America must be once again built from the ground up to recapture the glory an Aryan nation deserves.”

Rosanne Hoaas, a spokeswoman for the University of Maryland Police Department, said authorities are reviewing cameras in search of images of those responsible.

“We are concerned and are investigating these acts as hate/bias incidents,” she said.

Osvaldo Gutierrez, a chemistry professor who photographed the fliers, said he was particularly concerned to see them during a week when the university is hosting events aimed at promoting diversity and boosting minority recruitment.

“That’s not the message we want convey to everybody,” he said.

The University of Maryland fliers were found on the same day that similar fliers were discovered on the campus of George Washington University in Washington. The Anti-Defamation League says more than 100 such incidents have happened this academic year at universities across the country, with more than half of them since January.

“The white nationalist posters found on college campuses, including our own, contain detestable language that is an affront to who we are, and what we stand for, as the State’s flagship university,” University of Maryland President Wallace D. Loh said in a statement Tuesday. “As a community, we stand for excellence, diversity, and inclusion. We stand against all forms of ignorance and hate.”