GOOD MORNING. Below, you will find an important Internet video, featuring the Brigham Young University Cougarettes and also the Brigham Young University mascot, Cosmo the Cougar.

Does not disappoint.

The YouTube description of this clip indicates it was filmed at Friday’s game between BYU and Boise State. BYU lost 24-7, by the way, but honestly who even cares. Cosmo the Cougar is the only thing that matters now.

Cosmo!!!!! Who taught you to dance like this? Can they teach me? How long have you been such an avid fan of Ayo & Teo? Why haven’t I been watching more BYU athletic events? I had no idea what I was missing.

Imagine being Boise State’s mascot, Buster Bronco, during this BYU game. Imagine how he felt as he watched this. A quick search of the Internet shows this isn’t even the first time he’s been out-mascoted, dance-wise. Woof.

Buster. Time to step up your game, my dude.