The Civil War Trust on Friday transferred ownership of 127 acres of Civil War property to the state of Virginia in a noon time ceremony held at Rice, Va. Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe accepted the gift of 12 acres at Sailor’s Creek Battlefield Historical State Park at that location as well as 115 acres at High Bridge Trail State Park.

“Through concerted efforts to preserve the Commonwealth’s battlefields and other historic treasures, this administration and its partners are creating a lasting legacy for present and future Virginians,” McAuliffe said, according to a news release. He pledged to continue to work with organizations like the trust to preserve other such properties.

In addition to these properties, the trust also announced an 118-acre easement at the Sailor’s Creek site, partly funded by the Virginia Civil War Site Preservation Fund that is administered by the Virginia Department of Historical Resources. That Fund and the Virginia Department of Conservation assisted with the purchase of the smaller parcel at Sailor’s Creek and High Bridge.

Union victories at these two battlefields on April 6, 1865, influenced Gen. Robert E. Lee decision to surrender his forces at Appomattox Court House three days later.