On Saturday, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., the struggle for Little Round Top at the Gettysburg Battlefield will be fought again with hundreds of visitors choosing to be a member of the 20th Maine or the 15th Alabama in a free program sponsored by the Civil War Trust and the National Park Service. There is a catch, however; to participate, visitors must bring someone at least one generation younger — their child, their grandchild, another relative or  a friend.

The Trust’s Generations program is about sharing a passion for the Civil War with someone of the next generation as a way to continue interest in the Civil War and the preservation of its battlefields. This is not a lecture event. Participants will be pretending to attack or defend Little Round Top and, and at the same time, learn about troop movements, taking cover behind boulders, crossing wild terrain and defending a position.

The event “stresses teamwork, leadership, ethics and responsibility lessons as the fighting, photos and fascinating evolution of Little Round Top comes to life,” according to information supplied by the Trust.

Registration is required. Participants do not have to be members of the Trust.