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With the help of three adult mentors, a group of high school students created a remarkable portfolio.

(Kennedy Rhodes/Rural Arts Collective, Bellaire High School)

Argentinian photographer Ignacio Colo was driving down the road one day when he saw twin brothers Eduardo and Miguel Portnoy walking down the street. He found them and spent three years with them, telling their story.

(Ignacio Colo)

Tereshkov used oil he collected at a Siberian spill site in the development process of his film.

(Photo by Igor Tereshkov)

This year's winners include a diverse array of work from multiple countries including Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Mexico and the United States.

(Annie Tritt)

Michael Robinson Chavez traveled to Liberia, a country still faced with economic and social woes.

BUCHANAN, LIBERIA - JANUARY 18 A man carries a bag full of coconuts ashore from a boat in Buchanan, Liberia on January 18, 2019. By many standards Liberia is the poorest country on earth. (Photo by Michael Robinson Chavez/The Washington Post)

The only two northern white rhinos left in the world live at a conservancy in central Kenya, where they are protected by caretakers and armed guards. Photojournalist Justin Mott documented the lives of these rhinos for a project on the people who have devoted their lives to animal welfare.

A new book shines a light on American blues musicians.

(Timothy Duffy)

The celebration of the military that President Trump ordered up for the Fourth of July is a new ritual for the United States. But it has a long history elsewhere.

  • Daniel Chatard
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(Daniel Chatard)

Washington Post staff photographer Matt McClain heads out in search of vestiges of one of the nation's founding fathers.

(Photo by Matt McClain/The Washington Post)

Swedish photographer Ingvar Kenne examines what began as a rural tradition of providing men and women from far-flung locales the opportunity to meet "the right one."

(Ingvar Kenne)

Photographer Wouter VanHees reveals a rapidly changing Hanoi through a series of surreal night scapes.

  • Wouter VanHees
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(Wouter VanHees)

The “Butteri” are the traditional horsemen and cattle breeders of Maremma, the region that spans from northern Lazio into southern Tuscany. To preserve the history and traditions of the Butteri, the Tuscany regional government has taken drastic measures -- offering a vocational training course to men, and for the first time, women.

  • Gabrielle Saveri
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(Gabrielle Saveri)

Photographer James Whitlow Delano travelled to the Peruvian Andes to dccument a community centered around the pursuit of gold.

(James Whitlow Delano/Funded by the Pulitzer Center)

Photographer Jeff Mermelstein spent four years documenting the early days of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

(Jeff Mermelstein/TBW Books)

In Good Morning, America, Mark Power offers a wake-up call to a country that has grown more divided

USA. Oklahoma. Bridgeport. Cherokee Trading Post. 13.01.15 From 'Postcards from America'

Environmental photographer Ralph Pace documents the world of marine science to spread conservation awareness and tell stories of the ocean.

Photographer Wolf Silveri explores the idea that the oceans will find a way to integrate human-produced waste into their habitat.

Central African Republic has one of the worst maternal mortality rates in the world. Nicole Tung photographed what that means for the country's women.

A woman about to deliver her baby lays on a gurney at the Communautaire Hospital in Bangui, Central African Republic. (Photo by Nicole Tung)

Photographer David Arribas documents the treatment of Spanish greyhounds used to compete during wild hare hunting season.

James Lattanzio set out to show student athletes in way that revealed their character.

Lily, Track & Field (James Lattanzio)

Photographer and researcher Anna Filipova traveled to Qaanaq, Greenland, to see how it is holding up to the effects of climate change.

(Anna Filipova)
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