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Photographer James Whitlow Delano examines the changes happening to Italy's Valle D'Aosta mountains and valleys.

(James Whitlow Delano)

In his new book, photographer Simon Johansson documents the everyday life of the Swedish capital.

(Simon Johansson)

Photographer Rachel Boillot captured the Cumberland Plateau in years-long documentation.

(Rachel Boillot)

Jerry Wolford revisits a favorite place in North Carolina.

(Jerry Wolford)

A new book by photographer Greg Girard showcases his images from the Japanese city from decades ago.

(Greg Girard)

Motoko Sato was a traditionally trained painter in Japan who decided to use the elements of her art in a different medium.

(Motoko Sato/Motoko Sato  )

Photographer Nuria López Torres takes us inside a unique group of people some consider to be of a "third gender."

(Nuria Lopez Torres)

In El Salvador, some in prison for gang-related crimes may have once sold drugs or killed rival gang members, but behind bars, many have since found comfort in evangelical Christianity.

(Nadege Mazars)

Matt McClain visited this year's Gettysburg National 19th Century Base Ball Festival in Pennsylvania.

(Matt McClain/The Washington Post)

Karine Laval makes swimming pools cinematic in her photography book “Poolscapes.”

(Photo by Karine Laval)

Associated Press photographer Jerome Delay was in the city of Beni, the epicenter of an epidemic that has already killed more than 1,700 people

(Jerome Delay/AP)

The winners were selected from thousands of entries from more than 140 countries.

(Liu Bo)

With the help of three adult mentors, a group of high school students created a remarkable portfolio.

Argentinian photographer Ignacio Colo was driving down the road one day when he saw twin brothers Eduardo and Miguel Portnoy walking down the street. He found them and spent three years with them, telling their story.

(Ignacio Colo)

Tereshkov used oil he collected at a Siberian spill site in the development process of his film.

(Igor Tereshkov)

This year's winners include a diverse array of work from multiple countries including Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Mexico and the United States.

(Annie Tritt)

Michael Robinson Chavez traveled to Liberia, a country still faced with economic and social woes.

(Michael Robinson Chavez/The Washington Post)

The only two northern white rhinos left in the world live at a conservancy in central Kenya, where they are protected by caretakers and armed guards. Photojournalist Justin Mott documented the lives of these rhinos for a project on the people who have devoted their lives to animal welfare.

(Photo by Justin Mott)

A new book shines a light on American blues musicians.

(Timothy Duffy)

The celebration of the military that President Trump ordered up for the Fourth of July is a new ritual for the United States. But it has a long history elsewhere.

  • Daniel Chatard
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(Daniel Chatard)

Washington Post staff photographer Matt McClain heads out in search of vestiges of one of the nation's founding fathers.

(Matt McClain/The Washington Post)
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