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The “Butteri” are the traditional horsemen and cattle breeders of Maremma, the region that spans from northern Lazio into southern Tuscany. To preserve the history and traditions of the Butteri, the Tuscany regional government has taken drastic measures -- offering a vocational training course to men, and for the first time, women.

  • Gabrielle Saveri
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(Gabrielle Saveri)

Photographer James Whitlow Delano travelled to the Peruvian Andes to dccument a community centered around the pursuit of gold.

(James Whitlow Delano/Funded by the Pulitzer Center)

Photographer Jeff Mermelstein spent four years documenting the early days of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

(Jeff Mermelstein/TBW Books)

In Good Morning, America, Mark Power offers a wake-up call to a country that has grown more divided

USA. Oklahoma. Bridgeport. Cherokee Trading Post. 13.01.15 From 'Postcards from America'

Environmental photographer Ralph Pace documents the world of marine science to spread conservation awareness and tell stories of the ocean.

Photographer Wolf Silveri explores the idea that the oceans will find a way to integrate human-produced waste into their habitat.

Central African Republic has one of the worst maternal mortality rates in the world. Nicole Tung photographed what that means for the country's women.

A woman about to deliver her baby lays on a gurney at the Communautaire Hospital in Bangui, Central African Republic. (Photo by Nicole Tung)

Photographer David Arribas documents the treatment of Spanish greyhounds used to compete during wild hare hunting season.

James Lattanzio set out to show student athletes in way that revealed their character.

Lily, Track & Field (James Lattanzio)

Photographer and researcher Anna Filipova traveled to Qaanaq, Greenland, to see how it is holding up to the effects of climate change.

(Anna Filipova)

Photographer and writer Sarah Stacke delves into the archive of Hugh Mangum, an uncanny portraitist working at the turn of the 20th century.

  • Sarah Stacke
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(Courtesy of Sarah Stacke and Hugh Mangum Photographs, David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University)

While other photographers might see only destruction, starvation and death, Amira Al-Sharif looks for the beauty of Yemen.

A hand-picked bloom in Husseiniya, ​Yemen, in March 2018. (Photo by Amira Al-Sharif)

Khal Bibi is a 23-year-old widow. Her husband and one of her three children were killed in an airstrike during clashes between government forces and the Taliban. She is among the 550,000 internally displaced people who have been forced to flee their villages.

  • Francesca Recchia and Lorenzo Tugnoli
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Kabul, Afghanistan, February 2019 - Children play with kites in Polishina informal settlement. During the long winter of Kabul the unpaved roads of the camps turn into muddy alleys. Heating the makeshift houses is also hard, often refugees collect wood in the garbage to warm up. Almost two-thirds of the Afghan population lives in areas directly affected by conflict and many families took the tough decision to relocate to refugee camps near urban centers. According to UNHCR data 340 thousand people were forced to flee from their homes in 2018 setting the total of internal displaced people to a record number of almost 2 million. >< Kabul, Afghanistan, February 2019 - Bambini giocano con gli aquiloni nell'insediamento di Polishina. Durante il lungo inverno di Kabul le strade sterrate dei campi profughi si trasformano in vicoli fangosi. Riscaldare le case �? difficile e spesso i rifugiati raccolgono legno o spazzatura per riscaldarsi. Quasi due terzi della popolazione afgana vive in aree direttamente colpite dal conflitto e molte famiglie hanno preso la difficile decisione di trasferirsi nei campi profughi vicino ai centri urbani. Secondo i dati dell'UNHCR, 340mila persone sono state costrette a fuggire dalle proprie case nel 2018, portando il totale degli sfollati interni a un numero record di quasi 2 milioni.

Felipe Jácome used Venezuela's floundering currency to tell the story of migrants.

(Photo by Felipe Jácome)

A new book explores behind the scenes of Sergio Leone's legendary movie "Once Upon a Time in the West."

(Angelo Novi/Reel Art Press)

Photographer Maria Contreras Coll visited Nepal to photograph a centuries-old tradition upheld by both Buddhists and Hindus.

(Maria Contreras Coll)

For six years, photographer Joshua Dudley Greer drove across the United States, using its enormous network of superhighways as a way of coming to grips with its psyche.

(Joshua Dudley Greer)

Ira Wagner discovered parts of Philadelphia on his work commute and became fascinated by the separated backyards.

(Photo by Ira Wagner)

The World Health Organization says that air pollution is the biggest societal health risk in recent times. More than seven million people a year die due to the consequences of it. In 2018, the WHO published a list of the ten most polluted cities in the world. India had nine of those cities. Photographer Lasse Bak Mejlvang explored the polluted environs of that city.

(Lasse Bak Mejlvang)

Photographer Mario De Fina traveled to a small town in Argentina where gauchos from across the country come together to perform the malambo, a traditional dance that involves the sustained tapping of feet.

(Mario De Fina)

Photographer Rian Dundon documented his time parking cars for a strip club.

(Rian Dundon)
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