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Viktor Khabarov, a major in the Soviet military, worked among the troops as a photographer.

(Photo by Viktor Khabarov)

Photographer Marieke van der Velden's nine year project on the tradition of Belgian men dressing as women at an annual carnival in Aalst.

  • Marieke van der Velden
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(Marieke van der Velden)

Photographer Kevin Bubriski visited Syria before the war

(Kevin Bubriski/powerHouse Books)

Tabitha Soren captures the path of fingerprints on the surface of images on screens.

(Tabitha Soren)

Photographer Beat Schweizer explores life in isolated communities in far-northern Russia.

(Beat Schweizer)

Associated Press photographer Ben Curtis documents Kenya's first ever albinism pageant.

(Ben Curtis/AP)

A photographic exploration of the daily lives of ranchers living on the Cheyenne River reservation.

(Emily Schiffer)

Photographer Lily Bungay explores life on Ikaria.

(Lily Bungay)

Scottish photographer Roberto Ormerod is on a mission to document amateur space enthusiasts around the world.

(Robert Ormerod)

Associated Press photographer Rodrigo Abd documents the aftermath of a natural disaster.

(Rodrigo Abd/AP)

Voices of African Photography is a 10-part series that highlights the work of African photographers and photojournalists.

(Miora Rajaonary)

Photographer Jayanta Roy documents the frigid landscape of the Tibetan Plateau.

(Jayanta Roy)

Ross Taylor’s photographs of pet euthanasia are a somber and beautiful testimony to the human-animal bond.

  • Thomas Simonetti
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{Ross Taylor)

In Venezuela, the elderly are confronting major shortages of medicines that are indispensable for their age. The struggle is evident at the Mother of Calcutta Nursing Home, where weak patients have rapidly deteriorated.

Wil Riera)

The music and the party spill out of their homes and into the streets.

Magnum Photos photographer Bruce Gilden documents the plight of women drug addicts and prostitutes.

(Bruce Gilden/Only God Can Judge Me/Browns Editions)

They form the first line of defense between the population and the unknown masked men terrorizing central Nigeria

(Jane Hahn/For The Washington Post)

A photographer lent his cellphone to migrants in Tijuana so they could contact people in their home countries. With their consent, he recorded their messages and took their portraits.

(Luis Antonio Rojas)

Photographer Nathan Benn's vintage photos of Florida.

(Nathan Benn/powerHouse Books)

The Addis Foto Fest features 152 photographers from 61 countries, but its central goal is to develop African photography.


“The obsession I had with capturing these images was in part my way of summoning up the great minds behind the work," says photographer Barbara Mensch.

(Barbara Mensch)
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