Over the past week, a wave of student pro-democracy protesters have descended on the streets of Hong Kong to peacefully demonstrate against a decision by the Beijing government that would strip them of the right to democratically elect their own chief executive in the 2017 elections. After being met with pepper spray and tear gas, thousands of protesters were encouraged to open their umbrellas to protect themselves, and thus began a movement, fueled by social media, known as the #UmbrellaMovement that would usher the humble umbrella into history as another symbol of protest.

Objects of protests over the years have become the markers that define our collective recall of significant moments in history. They are the instant identifiers to a united cause, from everyday kitchen objects and colorful flags to face masks and Hunger Games-style three-finger salutes. We take a look at some of the significant imagery of symbolic gestures in modern-day protests.

Hong Kong: Umbrellas

Ferguson, Missouri: “Hands up, Don’t Shoot”

Bangkok, Thailand: Three-finger salute

Istanbul, Turkey: Gas Masks

Warsaw, Poland, and Moscow, Russia: Colorful Masks for Pussy Riot

United States: Gay Pride Flag

United States: Hoodies for Trayvon Martin

Worldwide: Occupy Movements

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Cooking Pot Lids (“Cacerolazos”)