It was an idea born on the last day of the year shortly before midnight. Photographer Jill Waterman was living in Paris toward the end of 1983, and not having any solid plans for the evening decided to take her camera into the extravagant streets of Paris and photograph the city’s welcoming of a new year. In the wee hours of 1984 while looking through her outtakes, Waterman was hit with an idea that would catapult her around the world for the next 31 years documenting New Year’s Eve celebrations in a different city every year, bouncing from Bethlehem to Prague, Shanghai to Montreal, Miami to San Francisco. The photographs would eventually become part of an ongoing series New Year’s Eve Project.

To ring in 2015, Waterman will travel to a city well-known for throwing a good party — Las Vegas — where she’ll be accompanied by a filmmaker for a forthcoming documentary on her project.