The Wave Vejle, Denmark. (Sebastian Weiss)

Antinori nel Chianti Classico, Bargino, Italy.

For several years, German photographer Sebastian Weiss has had an affinity for the immaculately curved edges and textured surfaces of architectural wonders from Italy to Ireland. And over the course of his career as an architectural photographer and photo columnist for Architecture Digest Germany, Weiss’s aim has been to capture what he calls “the syntax of a building.”

“In my eyes, every city has its individual architectural language, with its own vocabulary as well as syntax and intonation,” Weiss tells In Sight. “In the actual sense of this metaphor, these are the buildings, their functional elements and creative details, as well as the atmosphere of a city.”

While studying at the University of Arts in Berlin, Weiss’s passion for architectural photography evolved. Inspired by the decaying buildings in Berlin that were a result of wartime destruction, Weiss began looking at the architecture of East and West Berlin. He has traveled the world photographing architectural feats for Architectural Digest Germany and amassing a huge following on his Instagram. “It feels like Instagram is modern digital storytelling because every picture transports a story and triggers emotions, which have an impact on the followers. They are excited by the story, their curiosity is created, and by this they are bound to the storyteller.”

Forum Esplanade, Barcelona, Spain. (Sebastian Weiss)

High Noon. (Sebastian Weiss)

Sony Center, Berlin, Germany. (Sebastian Weiss)

Ipmmc Office Building, Utrecht, Netherlands. (Sebastian Weiss)

Meininger Hotel Berlin Airport, Berlin, Germany. (Sebastian Weiss)

Metropolis Apartment Building, Copenhagen, Denmark. (Sebastian Weiss)

Pavilion of Portugal, Lisbon, Portugal. (Sebastian Weiss)
201505-sebastian-weiss-architectural-photography-washington-post-06 Helsinki Olympic Stadium, Helsinki, Finland. (Sebastian Weiss)

Universum Science Center, Bremen, Germany. (Sebastian Weiss)

Helsinki Olympic Stadium, Helsinki, Finland. (Sebastian Weiss)

Tuscany. (Sebastian Weiss)

Kamppi Chapel, Helsinki, Finland. (Sebastian Weiss)

Office Building and Car Park De Cope, Utrecht, Netherlands. (Sebastian Weiss)

Parish Church, Blönduós, Iceland. (Sebastian Weiss)