It began when photojournalist Whitney Devin posted an inquiry on Craigslist, seeking to connect with and document transgender individuals in rural Maine. Only trans women responded. After navigating the initial communications that involved identity protection negotiations, aliases, and secondary e-mail addresses, Devin entered into the lives of three transgender women over the age of 60. Though each woman’s circumstance and story was different, they all faced a set of challenges shared by those who transition later in life. Some find embracing partners and live full lives, while others struggle to find companionship.

“Discourse around Caitlyn Jenner’s transition was broad,” Devin states in the opening to her series “She: Illuminating Transgender Women over 60 in Maine.” “We also often hear about far too many tragedies involving trans youth. However, popular conversation has avoided the realities faced by the senior-aged transgender community. LGBTQ seniors are more likely to face economic insecurity and health disparities and are twice as likely to live in isolation as others in their age bracket.”