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In a bold and unprecedented move, the award-winning publication for photography PDN, has dedicated its entire September issue to women. It hit newsstands on Tuesday.

From curators and reporters to photographers and photo editors, this issue speaks to and features the wide spectrum of women whose voices stand out in a crowded field, and one largely dominated by men.

“We are doing this because we can,” Holly Stuart Hughes, PDN’s editor in chief, said in a statement. “There is a fantastic breadth of talent and expertise among women photographers working today. It wasn’t difficult to create a whole issue of PDN featuring business insights, technical information and outstanding new work from women photographers who are leaders in advertising, photojournalism, and fine-art photography.”

The September issue embodies significant movements and contributions that women in the industry have made, with timely commentary on the proliferation of groups created by and featuring only women that include Women Photojournalists of Washington (WPOW), a profile on groundbreaking South African portrait photographer Zanele Muholi, an excerpt from the book of celebrated photographer Mary Ellen Mark, who passed away in May of this year. Cover to cover, every article, column, profile and photograph in the issue was written or photographed by a woman.

Below, In Sight features 10 female photographers across the industry that our photo editors think you should know about, some of whom are featured in PDN’s issue.

Kendrick Brinson

The Sun City Poms rehearse in a recreation hall for an upcoming holiday performance in Glendale, Ariz. The cheerleading squad’s members range from 57 to 81 years old. (Kendrick Brinson)

Heidi Levine

A Palestinian woman, with her children watching, blows on a tiny fire, preparing to cook in her devastated home in Beit Hanoun, Gaza Strip, in January 2015. (Heidi Levine for The Washington Post)

Lexey Swall

Lucy Clark, 72, who suffers from asthma, wears a mask every day when she walks to get her mail because her home in the foothills north of Bakersfield, Calif., sits at an elevation where smog begins to settle in the air. (Lexey Swall)

Laylah Amatullah Barrayn

One of the most important elements of the Baye Fall, a group of men and women of the Islamic Sufi order, is dedicated work. Many followers dedicate their lives to the land, often working the fields of their daara, a rural Mouride community. These followers are seen in 2014 in Ndindy, Senegal. (Laylah Amatullah Barrayn)

Jean Chung

A solitary tear trickles down Immaculée’s cheek as she receives a pain-killer injection at Keshero Hospital, which specializes in victims of sexual violence in Goma, North Kivu province, Congo, on Feb. 26, 2008. (Jean Chung)

Poulomi Basu

Devi Ram Dhamala is a traditional healer in Nepal’s Surkhet district. Traditional healers often use extreme verbal and physical abuse to “heal” young girls who are ill during menstruation, believing they are possessed by an evil spirit. (Poulomi Basu)

Melissa Golden

A firefighter battles flames during the sweep of wildfires that scorched 53,000 acres and destroyed 50 homes in Butte County, Calif., in July 2008. (Melissa Golden)

Megan Green

X Games legend Bucky Lasek, of Subaru Rally Team USA, competes in the Red Bull Global Rallycross, on June 22, 2014, in Washington. (Megan Green)

Jacquelyn Martin

Children play under mosquito netting inside a dormitory of the Kabanga Protectorate Center, housed in a walled compound for the Kabanga Primary School, in Kabanga, Tanzania, on Aug. 27, 2012. (Jacquelyn Martin)

Yana Paskova

A patient slams a Bulgarian coin on his forehead and says, “Money controls everything. Money is why I am here. Money is why I will never get out. We have no voice here; only money speaks,” in the psychiatry ward of a county hospital in Bulgaria on Aug. 10, 2006. (Yana Paskova)

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