Photo taken at The Big Top in New Orleans (Emily Gilly); Bywater neighborhood mural (Bryan Tarnowkski)

Ships and steamboats in the foreground of New Orleans’ skyline on the West bank of the Mississippi River. (Simon Andersson); Musicians perform in one of New Orleans’ traditional Brass Bands in the Bywate neighborhood. (Bryan Tarnowski)

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, The Washington Post asked people from New Orleans to share photos that captured the spirit and charm of their city and community on Instagram. Creating the hashtag #HereIsMyNOLA, we sorted through a stream of Instagram photos where one can see an array of distinct neighborhoods; a city bursting with music, streets that become an outdoor party, and much more. The photos shown here do not represent every perspective or every side of the city, or the many different voices from members of the community.

In Sight teamed up with the photo collage initiative Echosight, created by photographers Daniella Zalcman and Danny Ghitis, to create colorful mash-ups that reflect The Big Easy through the eyes of those who know its heartbeat the most: its long-time residents.

Rainy Dixie. (Erin Krall); Balconies in the French Quarter at the Ritz-Carlton looking down Dauphine Street toward Canal. (Jana Powers)

Two kids just arriving home from school in the Lower Ninth Ward. (Lee Curran); Metairie in “Fat City.” (Jana Powers)

Young boys in the Bywater neighborhood. (Bryan Tarnowski); A father and son stop in to Morning Call, a cafe in City Park, for beignets. (Lee Curran)

Youths ride bikes down Rampart and St. Roch streets on a summer afternoon. (Erin Krall); The Doullut Steamboat house in the Holy Cross neighborhood of New Orleans, part of the Lower Ninth Ward. (Susan Whelan)

Young Turkish workers at Cafe du Monde take a short break before getting back to the beignets. (Lee Curran); A Post-Katrina abandoned building is slowly being absorbed by native flora and fauna. (Michael Alford)

This photo of Armstrong Park was taken the night before Congo Square Rhythms Festival, aka Congo Square Fest. (Susan Whelan); Friends gather for a back patio dinner at night in the Bywater neighborhood. (Bryan Tarnowski)

“Desire” street is noted in the sidewalk. (Bryan Tarnowski; One-way street sign in the French Quarter.)

A weeknight walk-through of Jackson Square, an iconic location in New Orleans, in the summer. (Simon Andersson); Musicians arriving at Preservation Hall for work in the French Quarter. (Lee Curran)

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