(Azuma Makoto, SHIKI I x Sand Dune II, 2015)

On Oct. 23, Zhulong Gallery in Dallas will feature an exhibition of sculpture and photographic works by renowned floral sculptor Azuma Makota called ‘Shiki: Landscape and Beyond.’ Suspended mid-air, a 5-foot “timeless pine tree” encapsulated by an open steel frame organizes an invisible axis in the gallery.

Makoto’s internationally exhibited ‘Shiki I’ sculpture will be surrounded by large-format photographs illustrating its almost 10-year path around and above the globe. From derelict government spaces, to sublime landscapes, Azuma challenges the notions of landscape, portraiture, and still life traditions in western art by setting it up as a natural item in extreme environments where it would not naturally occur.

“These galactic snapshots of the sculpture propose an ethereal almost spiritual journey that begs the association of the work and its journeys with the life of the sculptor, and ours as well,” Azuma stated in a news release for his latest exhibition.

Since 2002, he has teamed up with collaborator and photographer, Shunsuke Shiinoki, and in 2005, Azuma began to explore the expressive potential of flowers, coining the genre “botanical sculpture.” In April 2014, Azuma and a 10-person crew launched two botanical objects into the upper atmosphere for his collaborative project “Exobiotanica.”

(Azuma Makoto, SHIKI I x Glacier I, 2015)

(Azuma Makoto, SHIKI I x Exobiotanica, 2015)

(Azuma Makoto, SHIKI I x Abandoned Power Plant, 2015)

(Azuma Makoto, SHIKI I x Exobiotanica, 2015)

(Azuma Makoto, SHIKI I x Geyser, 2015)

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