In advance of the climate change conference held in Paris, partnered with Nissan EV and Parrot to ask drone professionals and enthusiasts to participate in ‘Small Drones, Big Changes,’ a climate themed photography contest. They asked drone photographers to identify how pollution is affecting the earth and find opportunities to address the issue., a popular social network where photographers and videographers share aerial images, felt dronists had a role to play in highlighting environmental issues with their unique perspective. Alexandre Salem of Brazil, second place winner, said, ‘Drone photography is all about reaching innovative angles!  It’s amazing when you capture something that you know…couldn’t possibly be done with any previous technology.”

The winners were chosen from 500 entries gathered through a two-week open call. Prizes included being showcased in the Nissan COP21 pavilion in Paris during the conference, an exclusive three-month test drive with a Nissan electric vehicle and Parot’s latest Bebop drone. and Nissan EV judged the contest entries and say they were surprised by the number of responses and the quality of the entries. CEO and founder, Eric Dupin, said, “Technological advances have caused a lot of our climate woes, but they also could be part of the solution.”

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