From photographer Tomaso Clavarino:

They live hidden in small, dark, tin huts in the slums in the outskirts of Kampala. They protect one another, they share everything: from the mattresses lying on the floor to the little food they can afford. Kicked out by their families and from school, rejected by their friends and fired from their jobs. They live in fear, beaten, robbed, and raped. They are the Transgender community of Kampala, a community made up of young, very young people, often minors, forced to prostitute themselves because, in one of the most homophobic countries in the world, there are no chances for them: no present, no future. Marginalized even from the gay community that has been attacked for years by President [Yoweri] Museveni, laughed at in the streets, forced to hide their real identity, pretending they are not what they really are. “Ekifiire, being Trans in Kampala is a journey into the transgender community of Kampala, a journey that wants to try and explain this harsh reality through the stories and the dreams of youngsters forced to hide themselves and their identity. It is this identity that these photographs want to investigate. Forced to look “normal” when outside of their homes, to be accepted in their society and avoid the risk of being lynched, it is only inside their small apartments that Alicia, Noel, Clara, and the others, can really be themselves.