Swedish photographer Maja Daniels has spent three years documenting life in a French geriatric hospital. Her project, “Into Oblivion,” tells the story of patients with dementia who live in a locked section of the hospital. Within the images, Maja has captured a fascination by the patients with doorways. The haunting pull to these portals seems to echo patients’ awareness of their isolation.

In November, Daniels won the first grant given by the Bob and Diane Fund, a $5,000 award that will allow her to publish her photographs. For Gina Martin, who works in Washington for National Geographic and created the fund in honor of her parents, it’s a way of advocating for Alzheimer’s patients through visual storytelling. Martin’s mother, Diane, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2006, at the age of 65, and died five years later. Martin’s father, Bob, took care of his wife and died three months after her. More of Daniels’s photos can be found at bobanddianefund.org.