For the past four years, photographer Emin Ozmen has been documenting the plight of Syrian refugees living in Turkey. According to the United Nations refugee agency, there are more than 2,8 million registered Syrian refugees in Turkey. And more than half of them are children.

As Ozmen has documented this situation, he has been a witness to a great deal of suffering, watching people try to piece their shattered lives back together, despite years of violence and trauma. Their whole lives have to be redone as they face one fundamental question: How to survive? They now have to find jobs and places to live, forcing many of them to work 12-hour days, six days a week. School for the children? Many times that has to wait, as even they have to contribute to the rebuilding of their families’ lives.

On top of those struggles, many Turkish people view Syrian refugees with suspicion and anger that they are undercutting their jobs with cheap labor. One Turkish worker told Ozmen, “This country started to rise. Then the refugees arrived. It would be better without them. I am a Muslim, they are my religion’s brothers, but we can no longer pay for them.”

While life for Syrian refugees in Turkey can be hard, these pictures show how they are getting along, despite all the odds against them.

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