Washington Post columnist Dan Balz recently wrote President Trump “has governed as he campaigned — unconventionally, unpredictably, in constant motion and unbowed in the face of criticism.” From the perspective of photographer Jabin Botsford, tasked with covering the White House, the frenetic pace can be like a splash of cold water to the face.

For better for or for worse, many of the administration’s actions have been on display these first 100 days. Mistakes, open anger at press briefings, spontaneous tours of the Oval Office — have all been available for photographers to capture. “There are times we see more of President Trump in one day then we would see President Obama in a week at the White House,” Botsford said. “That in itself has been very exciting and always kept me on my toes.”

Botsford’s photographs show a presidency that is always the center of attention. And while all eyes (and lenses) remained trained on Trump, Botsford is pushing himself and his work to try to tell a unique narrative. “I’m trying to craft a broader visual story,” Botsford said. “I’m excited to be able to continue photographing this important story. It is the story of our time.”

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