In Sight is launching a new series, “PHOTOGRAPHERS edit PHOTOGRAPHERS,” beginning with photographers from the international photo agency NOOR in celebration of its 10th anniversary.  NOOR is an Amsterdam-based collective of international photojournalists and documentary storytellers focused on contemporary and global issues.

The first edit is by Russian photojournalist Yuri Kozyrev, who selected work from Italian photojournalist Francesco Zizola. “Italians are such amazing people.  They enjoy life, they love their food, but they are also very serious. Francesco is a very serious photojournalist and I greatly admire his work on Africa and the refugee crisis,” Kozyrev said.

“It’s important to remember how long Francesco has been in the profession and how much he has grown as a storyteller. This partially explains how he could foresee a major story like the massive refugee exodus via the Mediterranean Sea that wouldn’t break until months later as a global story,” Kozyrev said. “Francesco was aware of Italy’s suffering with the African migration and was already working in Lesbos long before the hordes of international journalists began to arrive.”