This post is part of the In Sight series, “PHOTOGRAPHERS edit PHOTOGRAPHERS.” In this installment, NOOR photographer Alixandra Fazzina edits the work of her colleague, French photographer Benedicte Kurzen. Kurzen began her career in Gaza, covering the Middle East, before moving to South Africa in 2005. There she spent six years, focusing on conflict and social issues.

Here’s what Fazzina had to say about Kurzen’s work:

“When Benedicte presented me a selection of close to 300 entirely analogue medium format images of her time in South Africa, I felt at once that I knew them well. Many I instantly recognized by knowing so much of her work and not least because many of the photographs are so strong. Others put me instantly at ease simply because they were so easy to read. What drew me in, however, were the nuanced moments she observed, shot ever so purposefully on the periphery of her work.

“As with many of the NOOR photographers who immerse themselves in the countries where they live and work, to me Benedicte’s photography comes through understanding, going on to tell me something deeper. Whilst the edit I have made could be seen as dreamy or ambiguous, the imagery could only ever have come from somebody with such a sensitive yet powerful grasp.”


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