The next installment of In Sight’s series “PHOTOGRAPHERS edit PHOTOGRAPHERS” pairs NOOR photographers Andrea Bruce and Kadir van Lohuizen. In this installment, American photographer Andrea Bruce made selections from the work of Dutch photographer Kadir van Lohuizen.

Van Lohuizen worked as a conflict photographer but is perhaps best known for his projects on environmental issues, including rising sea levels in relation to climate change and the resulting human rights implications. Here’s what Bruce had to say about her colleague’s work:

“Kadir’s work on rising sea levels and the environment touches on what will most likely be the world’s most dramatic, life-threatening problem. With his research and thorough coverage, we see how the slow creep of land-water issues could easily be missed, mislabeled or ignored. People have only begun to feel the weight of waves on our over-populated, shrinking land and the decreasing availability of safe, fresh drinking water. His work also visits, with a lyrical sense of place, communities where renewable energy sources — like wind farms — are the answer for energy needs.”

To see more of van Lohuizen’s work, visit here. Below is Bruce’s selection of van Lohuizen’s photos:

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