The next installment of In Sight’s series “PHOTOGRAPHERS edit PHOTOGRAPHERS” pairs NOOR photographers Kadir van Lohuizen and Andrea Bruce. In this installment, Dutch photographer Kadir van Lohuizen chose images from the work of American photographer Andrea Bruce.

Bruce’s work focuses on the social issues that affect populations in postwar societies. She concentrated on Iraq and Afghanistan for over 10 years, including time spent as a staff photographer for The Washington Post and as a member of the VII Network (2010-2011). She has been a member of NOOR since 2012.

Van Lohuizen noted he values what a woman’s voice can bring to the field of photojournalism, which he wanted his edit of her work to reflect:

“Andrea’s work stands out because of the tenderness and sensitivity in her images. She works often in very harsh conditions, covering conflicts like in Syria. What makes the work special is that she seems to enter private domains and is taking the time to listen and understand . . . When I edited Andrea’s work I really wanted to focus on the women she has photographed by giving us an insight into how much they care and often suffer, which is not what we often see.”

To see more of Bruce’s photography, visit here. The photographs in this post are van Lohuizen’s selection of Bruce’s work:

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