The company says a defect may affect driver's ability to deactivate cruise control.

The tech billionaire has skirmished with the media in the past. Now, it seems, he's declared war.

Experimenters say the material could be used to create wearable technology.

The publication was most critical of the sedan's emergency braking.

Police in China used facial recognition technology to arrest a concertgoer, the third time this happened in two months.

Spyce lets the machines do the cooking -- but still relies on people to add the finishing touches

This makes it the third federal investigation the car company currently faces

A dog-like robot could become more common in construction and security settings, its makers say.

The same robot has been filmed doing back flips and hopping over objects.

As luminaries make their entrance to the royal wedding, online viewers watching Sky News will learn who's who with on-screen captions powered by facial recognition technology.

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