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It is a lot more difficult for businesses to implement AI than it seems.

The two affected models are the Ford Fusion and the Lincoln MKZ.

A new video shows what it's like for passengers inside the company's self-driving vehicles.

The announcement arrives days after Uber revealed its self-driving trucks are already hauling freight in Arizona.

Inundated with customers eager to see the machine in action this week, Cali Group, which runs the fast food chain, quickly realized the robot couldn't keep up with the demand.

On Twitter, at least, the California CEO appears to agree with the president.

The project is aimed at closing the urban-rural digital divide.

The company calls the development “a big step forward in self-driving truck technology.”

A new book by a tech critic offers hope for making tech innovation socially responsible.

The driverless vehicles have been operating in Phoenix without a backup driver since November.

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