Texas authorities say a 24-year-old Dallas man died from blunt force injuries to his head after falling off his Lime electric scooter, likely making him the first person to die while riding the electric mobility devices that have swept across the nation this year.

The electric, low-speed vehicles are expected to accept passengers in December.

Three Square Market is known for microchipping employees, but the company's latest app is designed to help parents track their children's whereabouts. The app could be a useful tool for law enforcement, experts say, but could also be abused or lead to greater anxiety among users.

The Weather Channel's new immersive reality programming gives viewers a firsthand look inside dangerous weather phenomena.

The impending storm recently made a digital walkie-talkie the App Store’s No. 1 app. People have learned the value of smartphones in emergencies, experts say.

The futuristic-looking vehicle is designed to transport cargo or people, depending on which interchangeable top it has been fitted with.

The heir to the British throne made the comments after being awarded for his philanthropy.

The 24-year-old's death may be the first resulting from an electric scooter accident since multiple companies unloaded thousands of the vehicles on streets in dozens of cities in recent months.

City officials are reminding electric scooter riders to follow rules of the road by attaching fliers to the vehicles.

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