When it comes to artificial intelligence, Kevin Kelly thinks there's no turning back.

We, for one, welcome our new robot dog overlords.

The company is launching its first test satellites on Sunday.

The deal arrives after four days of testimony from Uber and Waymo employees in connection with alleged theft of trade secrets.

The trial is expected to provoke a conversation about how employers define intellectual property and who owns it in Silicon Valley.

The new networks will be critical for handling the sevenfold increase that Cisco projects for mobile Internet traffic as well as the billions of new connected devices and connected local infrastructure.

That curious detail surfaced when Travis Kalanick – Uber's former chief executive – testified during the third, and most climactic, day of the Uber-Waymo trial.

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A quantum computer can solve equations faster than traditional computers.

The two companies meet in the courtroom on Monday.

What if a police officer tapping on your car window asking for your license and registration became a relic of the past?

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