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The rental firms appear to be borrowing a page from Uber's playbook.

Tesla says it is investigating the incident.

A former black employee of Vivint Solar says his white colleagues referred to him as a monkey and called him a racial epithet.

The former employee accused the company of racial harassment and discrimination, both of which are violations of California's Fair Employment and Housing Act.

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Tackling today’s biggest social and technological challenges requires the ability to think critically about their human context, which is something that humanities graduates happen to be best trained to do.

Musk's tunneling construction company began handing out its first batch of $500 flamethrowers this weekend. The company will make only 20,000 of the fire-breathers, Musk said.

The billionaire's penchant for missing deadlines has spawned the phrase “Elon time."

The embattled CEO said Tesla is moving ahead after “hellish” months.

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5th generation mobile is the next big leap in wireless communications. Here's what it will mean for you.

An MIT-trained roboticist created a system that allows a Google Home smart speaker to command a device to fire a pellet gun.

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