The company said the dismissals would have no effect on Model 3 production.

The vehicles will even be able to pick up passengers.

The tipping point, experts say, follows three developments, each rippling outward with their own economic and cultural consequences.

Instead of hiring a male stripper to awkwardly gyrate for a party full of women, many customers have their own fantasies in mind.

The automotive giant again signaled its intent to embrace new technology by revealing Monday that it bought a California start-up called Strobe.

The company had warned people about a “production Hell.”

The announcement comes on the heels of the Chevy Bolt's success.

This company claims it has built the world's first “intelligent” baby stroller. Would you buy it?

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The right to decide what information we want to share and the right to know how it is being used should be fundamental human rights in this era of advancing technologies.

The robot known as “Primer” can transform from a boat to a glider in seconds.

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